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Gouache Paint

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Introduction To The Best Gouache Paints 

Gouache paint is a popular medium among artists due to its versatility and versatility. Available in both physical stores and online marketplaces, it offers high-quality materials suitable for various artistic styles and techniques. Premium gouache paints are known for their opaque, matte finish, fade-resistant colors, and excellent coverage. They come in tubes or pans, suitable for various surfaces and can be applied thinly or layered for a textured effect. Investing in quality gouache paints allows artists to explore traditional and experimental styles.

Gouache paints are a type of water-based paint that has a thick, opaque consistency. Unlike other types of paint, gouache is typically not diluted with water before it is applied to a surface. This makes it ideal for painting pictures with a high level of detail.

Gouache paints are known for their rich pigment and velvety texture, perfect for creating stunning works of art. Gouache is available in a wide range of colours, from bright primary colours to deep earth tones. Our best gouache paints are also available, which contain a selection of different colours, used to create a variety of effects or are perfect for the beginner gouache user.

Whether you are an experienced artist or just experimenting with different creative mediums, our best gouache paints can help you to create stunning works of art. 

Buy Gouache Paint Sets In Australia With Picassoart Online

Gouache Paint Sets are the perfect solution for those starting to work with gouache paint. At Picassoart, we love the versatility of gouache as a medium and have a great range of products to complement our gouache paint sets, including easels, canvases, pads, and brushes.

Make your life more vibrant with these gouache painting supplies from well-known brands. Buy gouache paint in Australia or build your palette with our paint tubes.

Browse through our extensive range of gouache paint in Australia as we strive to bring you the best gouache brands available. For fast delivery across Australia, shop online today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is Gouache Paint Used For?
  • Gouache paint can be used on canvas, but it's more frequently used by artists and designers to produce brightly colored works with a flat, opaque surface on watercolor paper. The Picassoart gouache paints we use are:
  • Rich in pigment
  • They come in creamy textures that may be diluted or applied directly on paper
  • Available in creamy textures that may be diluted or applied directly on paper
  • Rapid drying and water reactivation
  1. Is Gouache Paint The Same As Acrylic?

Acrylic and gouache paint both have a similar opacity, can be thinned with water, and are water-soluble. However, these characteristics set gouache apart from acrylic:

  • Gouache can be rewetted after drying and reworking, unlike acrylic painting.
  • Too much gouache can crack if it is applied too thickly.
  • Acrylics have a slight sheen, but gouache has a creamy, matte texture.
  • Watercolor paper is the ideal material for use with gouache.
  • It's simpler to blend gouache.
  1. Why Should You Buy Gouache Paint Online In Australia From Picasso Art & Supplies?

There are some reasons why you should buy Gouache Paint online from Picasso Art & Supplies

  • We’re a proudly Australian-owned business with three branches across Perth.
  • We have over 4,000 art & craft products for you to choose from.
  • We stock high-quality, well-known, and respected brands such as Krafter’s Korner, Art Spectrum, and Mod Podge.
  • As well as traditional arts and crafts, we’re also crafting the art of fantastic customer service that will make you feel right at home.
  • Oil paint, fabric dye, clay tools, or something unique, we cater to all explorers in the vast creative space.
  • We offer fast Australia-wide delivery directly from our Perth store, so you can receive your supplies and get started on your masterpiece as soon as possible.
  1. What Makes Us The First Choice To Buy Gouache Paint Online In Australia?

Picasso Art and Crafts is an Australian-owned retail store that offers a vast selection of art, crafts, and other merchandise to a broad demographic of customers. We are based in Western Australia and have three branches across Perth. We are devoted to being our customer’s first choice for product selection, value, and service that inspires and fulfills unlimited creative possibilities.

  1. Are Return And Exchange Available On Buying Gouache Paint Online From Picasso Art & Supplies?

Here at Picasso Art and Craft, we believe that to have the best possible online shopping experience, you should be able to return your unused product, whether you bought it online or in our store.

To know more visit our Return Policy Page.

  1. Where can I find the Picasso Art & Supplies Store in Perth?

We are based in Western Australia and have three branches across Perth.

  • Midland: Shop T – 138 Midland Gate S/C 274 Great Eastern Hwy MIDLAND WA PH: (08)62483318
  • Belmont: Shop G092 Belmont Forum S/C 227 Abernethy Road CLOVERDALE WA PH: (08)65078693

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