Posca colour pencil 61 DARK GREY



POSCA pencil’s unique formula contain more oil than wax, which makes the colours vivid and punchy. They sharpen perfectly and don’t crumble or break when a heavy pressure is applied.

POSCA pencil’s smooth finish allow for a range tried and tested drawing techniques such as blending, stippling, hatching, free-shading and outlining.

These artist quality pencils have six levels of colour intensity and carry a deep, rich concentration on the page. They work on light and dark papers and can be used with both water and turpentine  to achieve a range of effects.

  • Artist quality pencils
  • Pencils do not crumble or break under heavy pressure.
  • Intense, ultra vivid colours
  • Works on light and dark papers
  • Can be used with both water and turpentine to achieve a range of effects
  • Comes in a handy plastic case
Oil coloured Pencil: vivid color and light resistant
POSCA PENCIL formulation, which is a combination of a high grade pigment and wax provides
soft and smooth writing experience. It also writes on canvas.
Delivers an oil paint effect by blending the drawing line with a medium for oil paints.
Shininess does not occur even when painted over heavily, and provides fine finishing.



Material WAX, TALC, Pigment and Resin
Line Width(mm) 4mm (Differs according to the writing angle)
Writing Distance(meter) 150~200meter (Differs according to the point load.)
Shelf Life Exceeds 5 years

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